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And yet, even though we knew it, we struggled to live it. In time, we fell back into normal marital estrangement, too busy with work and parenting to tend to our relationship. How and why things ended is a story for another time or a book. He wants sex.

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She wants to talk. He needs to get physical to feel close to her.

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This is how you made us? I know. But they represent a thread of a common power dynamic between the masculine and the feminine, which can traverse gender or sex.

Close Your Legs, Honey - A New Musical – FringeArts

So what happens when a woman seeks all of her intimacy needs through talking? I am powerful. Depriving a man of sex is a powerful and effective way to get his attention. When he makes even the tiniest effort, applaud him, cheer him on. Celebrate his wins. If you're still struggling with irritating bumps, missed spots, and other less-than-ideal results, here are the mistakes you'll want to remedy the next time you grab your razor , plus tips on the best ways to get your smoothest, longest-lasting shave, from dermatologists and Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab experts.

It sounds counterintuitive, but shaving at night will actually leave your legs smoother. As you sleep, your legs swell slightly, which can make hair retreat back into its follicles. Extra credit: Rub body moisturizer onto your legs before bed to hydrate skin as you sleep, so you'll wake up even silkier. If you have normal skin, choose a body lotion formula, which is more lightweight; for dry skin, opt for a richer and more nourishing body cream or butter. Understandably, you want to get your routine underway, but experts advise hanging out in the shower or bath for about 15 minutes before you start shaving, so start with your shampoo , conditioning, and body cleansing routines first.

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This will soften the hair and open up the follicles. Any longer, though, and your skin will wrinkle and swell, making it harder to get a close shave.

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It's fine to use a disposable if you're staying in a hotel, but for everyday use it's best to invest in a four- or five-blade razor, like the GH Beauty Breakthrough Award winner Gillette Venus Swirl. They provide the smoothest results, letting you navigate tricky areas like your knees and ankles.

If and when you do opt for a disposable razor, make sure you opt for one with multiple blades, like the BIC Soleil Bella. No matter how hurried you may be, skip the temptation to shave "dry. We love eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream for its skin-softening ingredients like aloe and oat extract to soothe while you're shaving. In a pinch, hair conditioner will do just as good a job.

But skip the bar soap: "It doesn't create enough lubrication for a razor to slide easily against your skin, which can up the odds of cuts," explains NYC dermatologist Ellen Gendler, M.

You may have bought yourself a nice razor, but it won't do you any good if you don't change your blade at the first sign of dullness. Prevention Follow prevention tips as recommended by your doctor.

These can include walking, controlling weight, wearing low-heeled shoes and avoiding long periods of sitting or standing in one position. Following a heart attack or major surgery, low doses of an anticoagulant such as heparin or warfarin may be recommended. Getting up and walking around again as soon as possible following either of those events is also advised. Diagnosis Varicose vein diagnosis may be made by observation of veins and does not require a doctor. In some cases x-rays may be taken after a contrast medium is injected into the veins venography to highlight them.

Doctors can usually diagnose superficial thrombophlebitis based on your medical history and a physical examination.

Deep-vein thrombophlebitis is harder to diagnose, so the doctor may require further tests. A venous duplex examination, a type of imaging test, to see how efficiently the veins are returning blood to your heart is often performed. This test also detects blood clots in the legs. While you lie on your back, a small ultrasound imaging device is placed on the skin over the major veins in the leg, allowing the technician to see the veins and listen to the flow of blood.

Pictures may be taken at various sites. Treatment Doctors at Johns Hopkins recommend the following for treating varicose veins:. Bruce Perler.

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Our physicians treat thrombophlebitis in various ways, including the following treatment options:. Cardiology: Cardiac Surgery: Vascular: Request your next appointment through My Chart! Whether you're crossing the country or the globe, we make it easy to access world-class care at Johns Hopkins. Explore our health library for more information about conditions and treatments. Find a comprehensive range of specialists at convenient locations throughout Maryland.