Love and Marriage and Other Early Stories

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Barack and Michelle Obama's Love Story Isn't What You Thought It Was—It's Even Better

This was to be one of the greatest public spectacles ever seen in England. Poor weather delayed her departure from northern Spain, however, and she did not land until 2 October — and in Plymouth. Her journey to London then became a rapid progress. The street closures and construction of theatrical entertainments could not easily be shifted from the elaborate plans the king had already put in place.

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Pageants of welcome laden with symbolism, mechanical devices and actors would begin on the river Thames and continue into the city. Cosmic and religious allegories emphasised the ancient heroic lineage of the couple, their closeness to God and therefore their fitness to rule in England together.

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A raised walkway drew the attention of all people crammed into the space as the royal couple, dressed in white satin, took centre stage in a full-blown royal performance. The festive spirit can only have been helped by the provision of an endless fountain of wine for the London public by the west door of the church. Work to prepare venues around London for the wedding had been under way for over two years.

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Reworking the existing glazing, statues and carvings in Westminster Palace to include dragons, greyhounds, roses and portcullises left no doubt about the elevation in status of the Tudor-Beaufort royal family. Three days of tournaments at the rebuilt tiltyard at Westminster Palace completed a week of wedding celebrations. At the centre of the lavish and elaborate events were two teenagers who had met briefly for the first time only 10 days before their marriage — at Dogmersfield in Hampshire on 5 November. Catherine was probably exhausted and overwhelmed by her first five weeks in her new country.

Both royal children were highly educated and therefore fully aware of the expectations of a semi-public life. Their betrothal had been in place since they were young children. The newlyweds probably arrived there in mid-December Celebrating Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night as Prince and Princess of Wales in their own country must have made this a period filled with happiness and optimism.

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Arthur wrote to Ferdinand and Isabella expressing the joy he felt at seeing the face of his sweet bride. The only news that could have delighted the royal parents more would have been to hear that Catherine was pregnant. Proclaiming the fertility of the next generation of Tudor rulers would have boosted Henry VII as his kingship entered a new phase with the deaths and retirements of his old friends and allies after Catherine did not, however, become pregnant.

Shyness and exhaustion might have explained why nothing happened on the wedding night, but the couple had time to become intimate during a less-hectic life in Ludlow over the winter of — A generation later, the bawdy evidence of how Arthur greeted his friends on the morning after his wedding sounds like the well-rehearsed tale of a teenager trying to impress. Willoughby, too, believed Arthur and Catherine had lain together as man and wife at Ludlow until Arthur became fatally ill at Easter While other evidence suggests the frequency of their contact, only Catherine and Arthur would have known what went on behind the bedroom door.

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Even if there was a possibility that, at the start of their life together, Arthur was unsure exactly of what his duty as a husband entailed, that would surely have been corrected over time; unless, of course, there was some medical reason why he was unable to make his wife pregnant.

Reports of his role in the Maundy Thursday service on 24 March , however, give no indication of debility or weakness. So his death was unexpectedly sudden.

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  6. A solemn oath carried great weight, even if she was searching her memory of events at the start of the 16th century. Given the intensity of her first few months in a foreign country, it is unlikely that she would have forgotten such details.

    The five months that Catherine and Arthur spent together in —02 must have created intense memories for Catherine. Arthur and Henry were alive together for only 11 years. Arthur seems to have shouldered the burdens of personal rule from an early age, whereas Henry used his charm and attractiveness to master the social side of courtly life. Yet, as Prince Henry entered his teenage years, his father had to force him into a new role as Prince of Wales, with all the responsibilities that went with it. Enter search query Clear Text.

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    A focus on family covers the ordinary to extraordinary. From kidnapping and murder to strip dancing and divorce, the author never loses the linkage of love. These stories were written over a span of twenty years and range in location from the USA to Nigeria. Transcending personal experience, they clearly arise out of it.

    Ruth and Boaz: A Romance That Models God's Love for Us - Focus on the Family

    The author has been a teacher, a linguist, a recording artist, and a songwriter, and experience from all these are formative in the stories. ISBN: Branch Call Number: eBook hoopla. Characteristics: 1 online resource. Additional Contributors: hoopla digital. From the critics.