Reach For Your Soul: A Journey Into Healing

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  2. These Are The Books an Energy Healer Says You Need on Your Shelf
  3. Soul Retrieval - Understanding Soul, Soul Loss and Healing the Soul
  4. Soul Retrieval and Soul Loss

Inside you. As I worked through the modules I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend who really understood what I have been going through. I have been on this journey for several years, and I do wish I had found this earlier although I do trust that things come to us in the right time! Plus, I can now recognize some of the areas that I am not perhaps as strong in as I need to be. All I can really say is — if you are here, reading this, there is a reason. Trust your instincts. There are of course other programs being offered on the Twin Flame subject, some in a similar price range and some much cheaper as they also cover less ground and offer less support.

You can't come into Twin Flame union in the same way you come into a normal old paradigm romatic relationship. If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done Thomas Jefferson. In this lifetime you have never HAD true Twin Flame union, even if you were in a romantic relationship with your twin before, that is not union. So you have to do something you have never done, to have true Twin Flame union even become possible. Remember I told you the other providers in this industry are selling you what you want, not what you need.

In the Netherlands we have a saying 'Soft healers, make stinky wounds.

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People peddling Twin Flame union are like the light products in the diet industry. How does that relate to Twin Flame programs that focus on the romantic union you may ask? They have the same effect, first off they do not get you in a physical romantic relationship with the twin The souls use closeness and separation to bring up the subconscious wounding in the Twin Flame couple. But on top of that they create more frustration, more pain, more delays, more running, more chasing, more obsessing, more bouts of panic, because trying to force a romantic outcome directly or indirectly the woo-woo way causes your twin to bolt.

This all brings you back to square one, where you started. Your Twin Flame journey, completely controlling your life and you feeling frazzled and obsessed because of it. My method concentrates on creating the end result of this journey; you becoming the highest expression of yourself and coming into inner union with your soul.

What it Truly Means to be a Visionary Healer

The rest takes care of itself, because the reality of our physical existence here on Earth, is that it mirrors back to us our inner state of being. Reality as we know it, is nothing but a reflection of what we believe and hold to be true inside ourselves. Change those beliefs and your physical reality changes with it. Any effort or energy spent on trying to force reality to become what you want it to be, is an utter waste of time and only increases your own suffering. Any manipulation of energy, brings half-ass results more running, more separation and more karma that binds you to your past.

We all want instant gratification , but these so called short cuts end up becoming detours and traffic jams that keep you from getting where you want to be in your life. The teachings I share are extra supportive to those Twin Flames who are dealing with their twin in the physical reality.

Soul Energy Alignment: Guided Meditation For Self Love, Deep Healing And Awakening

Having to deal with their twin's 3D self and ego consciousness, the advice for these twins is different than to twins whose counterpart is out of embodiment. This program focuses extra on Twin Flame connections here on earth and how to deal with that specific dynamic and how it manifests itself in the physical.

There is much more running and separation going on in twin connections, where both Twin Flames are incarnated in the physical, as there is with one twin in Spirit and the other incarnated. Another big difference is, third party relationships, your own or your twin's that bring up certain wounding that does not apply when your twin is on the other side. Being confronted with your twin's new or existing partner can trigger feelings of jealousy, feeling 'not good enough' , fear of loss, etc.

These are the types of issues that you need to have addressed and want guidance on, because this is what is showing up in your reality and you find it very hard to deal with them. Many other Twin Flame teachers treat running and separation or third party situations as if they shouldn't happen, because they are themselves still stuck in 3rd dimensional thinking.

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I teach that these experiences are modern day initiations of the Ascension path , because they force us to rise above ourselves and choose love, forgiveness and seeing life from the soul perspective. They are what helps us wake up out of the illusion of separation and wake up to our true self. The Inner Union Soul Alchemy program is the most complete and extensive program out there covering the complete journey and not just certain aspects of it.

These Are The Books an Energy Healer Says You Need on Your Shelf

I take you all the way to inner union, which is further than all the other programs out there will go. Many of you do not need to reach full inner union, to be able to have a physical relationship with your Twin Flame or someone better. So instead of giving you a roadmap to only the part where you will no longer feel or be alone - I give you the full roadmap to coming home to yourself. It describes the full soul process. I designed the program in such a way that each module goes in-depth into the teachings of that week and every module builds on the previous one.

This gives you a clear road map to the journey and assists you in your personal inner alchemical process with your beloved, no matter if you are together or apart. For the souls use closeness and distance to bring up the deeper wounding, that needs to be resolved on a soul level. I have safeguarded this ancient secret knowledge within my soul for eons and eons, until it was time to share it again with the world.

That time is now and this is also why the teachings exceed merely coming into union with the beloved, because that has always only been half of the truth. The full truth is that the Twin Flame experience is a series of modern day initiations on your personal Ascension path. Your soul is ready and that is why you find yourself on this journey.

The teachings I share go far beyond the creation of a romantic partnership and concentrate on the complete alchemical transformation, that this journey brings — which includes living your soul mission, ascending to a 5D based life in the physical, developing psychic abilities, balancing your inner feminine and masculine side and coming into inner union with your soul.

These were all initiations that initiates in ancient Egypt underwent as part of their Ascension training. In Lemuria this was our natural state of being.

Soul Retrieval - Understanding Soul, Soul Loss and Healing the Soul

Since November 12, I have been catapulted onto and immersed in learning about the Twin Flame Journey. In the beginning I devoured all of her free articles on The Twin Flame website. I grew to know her through the deep, very detailed, informative articles and to respect her courage, intelligence, tenacity and heart. They helped me immensely but there came a point in time when I needed to move beyond and grow more in this journey. Guided by my higher self, I finally took the leap of faith and never looked back.

Totally worth it! I have grown immensely in my journey because I took a leap of faith and invested in myself. This group has truly given me the structure that I needed to move to the next level. Many people teaching Twin Flame programs think or claim to be in union with their twin while they are in fact in a mere romantic relationship with someone. Some even flat out lie about being in union themselves, just to crank up sales. When these relationships bust as many 3D romantic relationships do even between Soul Mates, they soon claim to be in union again with someone new.

Twin Flame union does not equal a romantic relationship. As these people are not dealing with the authentic Twin Flame frequency in their own connection, they cannot give you sound advice on your own journey. They might be able to give you a procedure to come into a physical relationship, but as Twin Flames are meant to be so much more than romantic lovers, applying their teachings to your twin connection will not have the desired effect.

Soul Retrieval and Soul Loss

This is because you are not meant to have a 3D paradigm romantic love relationship with your twin, you are meant to manifest a 5D soul love connection in the physical with your Twin Flame. Twin Flames have come to collapse these old 3D romantic love relationship templates coming from a fear-based love and to bring in new relationship templates based on unconditional love. Only authentic Twin Flame teachers can pass on this knowledge, because people in 3D romantic relationships have never experienced this dimensional difference of the frequency of love.

They are like everyone else stuck in the normal world and their teachings are based on the old rules. This is because we all have an inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and of course the soul itself is androgynous. Even in heterosexual couples the dynamic can be reversed, where the man embodies the Divine Feminine and the woman embodies the Divine Masculine — this embodiment of the inner masculine or feminine is unrelated to gender.

Another variation of a reversed dynamic is when a female twin has a gay masculine twin, I have encountered this situation a couple of times with clients.