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  5. After decades of strife a fragile peace descends on Kashmir

Freshman cadets wore their uniforms to class and had their heads shaved. Members were tough on each other, but were also expected to bond.

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Freshmen went to class together, marched together and ate two meals a day together. If one of them got in trouble, the whole group got in trouble. His classmates defended him from other students. That close proximity forced classmates to get to know him, and eventually respect him.

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By the end of his freshman year, he began to see signs that he belonged. The most important moment came at an end-of-year party. Mahomes came along. No one made a scene or gave a speech about equal rights. Instead, they all just stood up and left. Soon, Mahomes found new roommates and made more friends. It was an honest communication.

With the help of tutors and other students, and a change in major, Mahomes caught up academically.

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And, like his classmates, his standing in the Corps improved as he progressed through school — relieving him of the push-ups and late-night runs. After four years, he was exhilarated to receive his degree.

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But when he left campus, a residual resentment lingered. He earned his law degree at the University of Texas at Austin, and then a stint in the Army took him out of state. Meanwhile, the campus grew more open and diverse. Other Aggies from his era, like former Gov.

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The alumni network was strong, and Mahomes began to credit his school for much of his success. In recent years, Mahomes has been appointed to many boards for charities, business groups and cultural organizations. Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel is a London-based freelance writer and analyst whose primary focus and expertise is on the Kurds, Iraq, and current Middle Eastern affairs.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of Kurdistan Erbil -. Politics After decades of strife and sacrifice, Kurdistan has earned right to statehood Bashdar Ismaeel. Editing by Karzan Sulaivany.

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Last month 01 Kurdish security guard at Istanbul Airport commits suicide, cites racism. Most Popular.

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Results of the current tension between the US and Iran on world peace. Recent events in the Middle East have once again caused an unnecessary rift in the US government. More t f. Paul Davis.

After decades of strife a fragile peace descends on Kashmir

Majida Sanaan-Guharzi:. The Kurdistan Region holds elections but lacks key institutions of the Highly recommended. Comments 0 Please log in or register to comment. General note: By using the comment function on degruyter. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.

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