The Connecting Church 2.0: Beyond Small Groups to Authentic Community

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I am reviewing these books for you. The only way that I aquire any profit is if you purchase through my Amazon store. Friday, March 29, The Connecting Church 2. The Johnson's learn: the five characteristics of community. Posted by Unknown. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Make sure you click on the Amazon Ad if you need to order books or toys for presents. By ordering from Amazon you enable me to be able to find more books to review for you.

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Follow this blog. At the Amazon Store you can buy the books that have been reviewed. Crazy For Books.

Some of my favorite sites!!! Positive relationship is what all of us long for but many of us struggle to find people we can be real with, hang out with, and share our deepest secrets.

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  6. The book stated that God is consisted of three persons known as the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He desires to know each person He created intimately. Adam was created from the dust of the earth and God knew that it wasn't good for man to be alone. Some of us like to be independent and we believe that we can survive in this life without letting anyone know the real us. Connecting with others require risk that not everyone is willing to take. God has written the book of Acts to prove that we need others and community.

    Some of these included frequency, sharing meals, availably, and more. The book also included ways and suggestions on how to create an authentic community and reach out to your fellow neighbors. I would recommend this helpful resource to anyone who are longing to find noteworthy relationship with your neighbors and community. Time have changed and most of us don't even know our neighbors names. I can honestly say this was talking about me because I don't know many of them.

    I live on my own land so it's a little bit more challenging to find people to start a friendship with. But really I haven't tried. The biggest concept that I found myself agreeing with was the author's findings on how important uniting with others truly is. I thought the suggestion of inviting people over to share a meal, pray, read the word, pray together, and serve our neighbors was immensely beneficial. I believe that Randy Frazee is living what the book preaches and I would love to be able to experience the deep connection among my neighbors that he has.

    This book will change churches and communities for the better if we apply the principles presented. Authentic communities are something most of us are looking for and it's been around us the whole time and it's still possible to have deep friendships! This book will inspire you to reach out to others, get to know more people, and develop a community. If everyone would form a friendship and create a community of believers with their neighbors imagine, how much the world would be happier and fulfilled. Mar 26, John E.

    Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: religion-and-spiritual. Churches today face the same issues and challenges as other organizations. While their specific focus and the details of their operation are different, most of what allows a progressive church to survive and thrive today will apply equally effectively to business audiences. If you are part of an organization which includes people, you will find value in this book.

    The Connecting Church

    If you are responsible for an organization and for people, you will probably revise your approach to creating solid teams after reading this book. Randy Frazee shares honestly about his experiences, both positive and negative, as he has developed a model for successful church growth. The language used is that of Christianity, but the underlying themes are useful for all. However, certain forces stop us from easily achieving true community. Frazee begins with a short history lesson about the forces which have prompted the need for books like this, which help us understand how to reclaim that early sense of true community: Individualism, Consumerism, and Isolation: These three forces create the environment where we now need to relearn how to live in true community.

    Most adults will resonate to his depiction of the past and current nature of our neighborhoods, daily life, and connection with others. Frazee then provides thoughtful and effective guidelines on how to form lasting communities, and how to connect authentically with others. Consider the power of an organization or group where everyone is participating fully.

    The standards and expectations are clearly delineated and include a pattern of continuous learning.

    Christ's Bridge: The Connecting Church by Randy Fraze (Review)

    The idea of serving others portrayed in this model is not just of good customer service or finding your niche. I will have more to say about all this later this week. If this sparks your curiosity, check out The Connecting Church 2. To enter a contest to win a copy, go to Servants of Grace.

    One of my measures of the impact of a book I read is the amount of highlighting and marginal noting that I do … I went through three highlighters on this book. It is THAT good.

    Serving God in Recommending Good Quality Books

    Off to the office supply store to restock in the Heartland …. John Disclaimer: I received a promotional copy of this book for review before the official launch which is today. I am buying two more copies: one for my minister and one for me, because the first copy is so heavily marked up. As always, I only give reviews of books which I feel have value.

    Mar 10, Jimmy Reagan rated it it was amazing.

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    Are people really connecting at our churches? Or are they lonely and unfulfilled? Nationwide attendance numbers tell us something is wrong. Frazee has had over 10 years to work out his ideas since the first edition of this book was released hence the 2.

    Is your small group too small?

    He is only Are people really connecting at our churches? He is only more convinced. We are missing the unity of the early church. Who could disagree with that statement? We lack the community that characterized them. American culture has been high-jacked by individualism. In other words, individual rights trump community, even the Christian community called the local church. Small groups became the rage a few years ago because someone figured this fact out. Individualism has even, says Mr. Frazee, robbed small groups of their real value because we are groups of individuals.

    The group knows we will hit the road if anything is said, so they say little. Community, then, fails at what it was designed to do.