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  4. The "Moon Trees"

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When the crew landed safely nine days later, the seeds were sent off to two Forest Service stations: one in Gulfport, Mississippi and one in Placerville, California. The seeds germinated and about to seedlings came to fruition after a few years.


This is where the history of moon trees gets tricky to follow. Some seedlings were planted next to their earth siblings, other Douglas firs and sycamores, while others were planted in momentous spots. A loblolly pine was planted at the White House, and perhaps most famously, the moon tree in Washington Square in Philadelphia.

A post shared by julia ferraioli juliaferraioli on Jul 13, at pm PDT. In the s, Dave Williams, a NASA astronomer with an itch to find the moon trees, began to put together a database of the confirmed moon tress across the United States and abroad. Because interest in the moon trees faded almost as quickly as they were planted, there were no real records detailing the location of these special saplings.

NASA - What on Earth are "Moon Trees?"

This is such a neat story and no one seems to know about it. Second generation moon trees are making their rounds now, and you can even buy related half-moon trees online.

David Williams , the author and curator of this list. Close Menu Trending Read Story. Shannon Ratliff , June 11, am. Silke Jasso , November 12, am.

If that happens, Aiello said, the best bet for a successful clone would be to make one from the flourishing moon tree in Montgomery County. Roosa, a former U.

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  • The Mystery of the Missing Moon Trees;
  • What exactly are “Moon Trees”?.
  • Forest Service employee, took tree seeds — ranging from sycamore to sweet gum — with him aboard Apollo As his comrades descended to the lunar surface, Roosa and the seeds orbited the moon 34 times. Roosa attended the dedication. His son attended the dedication of the cloned moon tree in On Wednesday, year-old Alfonso Robles, who was visiting Philadelphia from Mexico with his family, stopped to read the plaque and took a photo of the tree. Skip to content. One died, and now its clone is dying, too. Related stories. Philly stargazers reflect on the moon landing, 50 years later: Where they were, what it meant, and should we go back by Patrick Rapa, For The Inquirer.

    Moon Mission's Living Monuments: Apollo 14's 'Moon Trees' 45 Years Later

    Now, that clone is dying, too. Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Sign Up Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Barry Jeffries The moon tree clone planted outside of the Montgomery County Courthouse is flourishing, unlike its sister tree in Philadelphia. The tree now standing in the square is a clone of the original.

    The "Moon Trees"

    For while the tree may not be beautiful, he thinks its story still is. Stephanie Farr FarFarrAway sfarr inquirer. Never Miss a Story.